Indianapolis ABC’s

Manager – Candy Jim Taylor

Player WAR Average = 6.6


Hilton Smith – NL All Star Roster – Starter
William Bell – NL All Star Roster – Starter
Big Bill Foster – NL All Star Roster – Starter
Needle Nose Wright – 1945 NL Roster – Starter
Tom Williams – NL All Star Roster – Bullpen
Willie Powell – NL All Star Roster – Bullpen
Verdell Mathis – NL All Star Roster – Bullpen
Count LeBlanc – 1920 NL Roster – Bullpen

Position Players

Cool Papa Bell – NL All Star Roster
Wild Bill Wright – NL All Star Roster
Ernie Banks – HOF Roster
Oscar Charleston – NL All Star Roster
Willard Brown – NL All Star Roster
Rev Cannady – NL All Star Roster
Quincy Trouppe – NL All Star Roster
Home Run Johnson – NL All Star Roster
Candy Jim Taylor – NL All Star Roster
Larry Brown – NL All Star Roster
Ghost Marcelle – NL All Star Roster
Fats Jenkins – NL All Star Roster

Team Preview

Manager – Candy Jim Taylor
29 – 27 in the trial season

Additions – Needle Nose Wright(sp), Count LeBlanc (rp), Ernie Banks (if)
Team Strengths – Power, Speed, Defense
Team Weakness – Pitching, Catcher

OUTFIELD – Cool Papa Bell, Wild Bill Wright, Willard Brown, Fats Jenkins, Oscar Charleston. Good all around outfield with speed, power, range and decent arms. Charleston will spend most of his time at first base.

INFIELD – Ernie Banks, Home Run Johnson, Rev Cannady, Oscar Charleston, Candy Jim Taylor, Ghost Marcelle. The ABC’s are slightly above average defensively in the infield. Marcelle can sub in late at third allowing Banks to slide to short and Johnson to second in crunch time. Great power at the corners with Banks and Charleston.

CATCHERS – Quincy Trouppe and Larry Brown are both solid defenders with decent arms. Neither of them are going to tear the cover off the ball.

STARTING PITCHERS – Hilton Smith (R 4R) is the ace, but his splits hurt him in the trial season (4.67 era). William Bell (R 1L) and Big Bill Foster (L 1R) both return to the starting rotation along with newcomer Needle Nose Wright (R 1L). Foster had a 1.74 WHIP in the trial season. Big Bill needs to improve on that to give Indy a chance at the title.

BULLPEN – Tom Williams (R 3R), Willie Powell (R 4R), Verdell Mathis (L E) and Count LeBlanc (R 2R). Williams had six saves in the trial season and it all stopped there for the ABC’s. Powell had a 2.05WHIP and Mathis a 1.89WHIP. LeBlanc will be counted on to get outs, eat innings and allow Taylor to play matchups to help his struggling bullpen.

Position player wise, the Indianapolis ABC’s seem to have it all. Sluggers with speed, power and some defense sprinkled in. It is all up to the pitching staff and how well Jim Taylor can use them to get outs late in games. If the thumpers thump, Indy could be a force to be reckoned with.

Indianapolis ABC’s Season Stats

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