Game Day 1

Today’s top performances

Pittsburgh 11 – Kansas City 10

Third baseman Alec Radcliff homered and had 3 RBI as the Pittsburgh Crawfords
bested the Kansas City Monarchs 11 to 10 at Comiskey Park.

Pittsburgh had 5 runs cross the plate in the 6th inning with the help of 4
hits. The crucial at-bat was provided by Pete Hill who quieted the crowd
when he lost the ball over the fence for three runs. Kansas City had a
chance to come back in the 9th but they came up short.

The win went to Slim Jones(1-0) who allowed 9 runs in 7 and 2/3 innings. Jones
got help from Porter Charleston who was credited with his 1st save. Max
Manning(0-1) was the loser. He allowed 4 homeruns in 5 and 1/3 innings of


TOP 1- Hill-G, Baro-HBP, Gibson-HR, Leonard-G, Dixon-F
BOT 1- Moore-Si, Mackey-F, Stearnes-W, Smith-L, Dandridge-Si, McNair-Tr
TOP 2- Bankhead-F, Radcliff-HR, Monroe-G, Jones-K
BOT 2- Benjamin-Si, Manning-Sac, Moore-G, Mackey-F
TOP 3- Hill-Si, Baro-L, Gibson-Si, Leonard-HR, Dixon-W, Bankhead-L
BOT 3- Stearnes-Si, Smith-K, Dandridge-L-DP
TOP 4- Monroe-F, Jones-F, Hill-P
BOT 4- McNair-G, O’Neil-G, Benjamin-G
TOP 5- Baro-F, Gibson-K, Leonard-F
BOT 5- Manning-L, Moore-W, Mackey-Si, Stearnes-Do, Smith-E-1B, Dandridge-F
TOP 6- Dixon-Si, Bankhead-Si, Radcliff-Do, Monroe-HBP, Jones-P, Hill-HR
Baro-P, Gibson-F
BOT 6- O’Neil-P, Benjamin-L, Byrd-K
TOP 7- Leonard-K, Dixon-Si, Bankhead-F, Radcliff-G
BOT 7- Moore-G, Mackey-G, Stearnes-Si+E-SS, Smith-Si, Dandridge-G
TOP 8- Monroe-L, Jones-G, Hill-G
BOT 8- McNair-F, O’Neil-F, Benjamin-Si, Byrd-E-RF, Moore-Si, Mackey-P
TOP 9- Baro-F, Gibson-F, Leonard-Si, Dixon-Si, Bankhead-Si
BOT 9- Stearnes-G, Smith-HR, Dandridge-G, McNair-G

Homestead 6 – Stars 5

Newt Allen had 3 base hits at Comiskey Park where the Homestead Grays beat the Detroit Stars by the score of 6 to 5.

Homestead came up with the deciding runs in the 8th inning with 2 runs utilizing 3 base hits. Louis Santop led off and got things going when he tripled. Superman Pennington was next and he hit a single resulting in a run. Pennington got a good lead and stole second. Allen was up next and he stroked a one-base hit scoring the final run of the inning. Homestead
out-hit Detroit for the game, 11 hits to 7.

The victory went to Satchel Paige(1-0) who went 7 innings, allowing 5 runs. Rube Foster earned the save, his 1st. Smokey Joe Williams(0-1) was hit with
the loss. He was unable to control the Homestead offense and allowed 11 hits and 5 walks in 7 and 2/3 innings.


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TOP 1- Lundy-W, Rogan-Si, Beckwith-K, Wilson-Si, Blackwell-K, Santop-K
BOT 1- Poles-G, Oms-Do, Wells-F, Dihigo-Si, Taylor-E-RF, Parnell-W
TOP 2- Pennington-Si, Allen-Si, Paige-Force, Lundy-Do, Rogan-K, Beckwith-Si
Wilson-Si, Blackwell-K
BOT 2- Malarcher-G, Williams-HBP, Poles-Force, SB(Poles), Oms-Si, Wells-G
TOP 3- Santop-G, Pennington-G, Allen-K
BOT 3- Dihigo-K, Taylor-E-C , Parnell-F, Palm-G
TOP 4- Paige-P, Lundy-G, Rogan-K
BOT 4- Malarcher-K, Williams-L, Poles-L
TOP 5- Beckwith-W, Wilson-F, Blackwell-Force, Santop-K
BOT 5- Oms-G, Wells-G, Dihigo-K
TOP 6- Pennington-G, Allen-Si, CS(Allen), Paige-K
BOT 6- Taylor-G, Parnell-E-SS, Palm-HR, Malarcher-Si, CS(Malarcher)
Williams-Do, Poles-Si, SB(Poles), Oms-G
TOP 7- Lundy-W, Rogan-F, Beckwith-W, Wilson-K, Blackwell-G
BOT 7- Wells-W, Dihigo-F, Taylor-Force, Parnell-G
TOP 8- Santop-Tr, Pennington-Si, SB(Pennington), Allen-Si, Creacy-F
Lundy-G, Rogan-W, Beckwith-W, Wilson-G
BOT 8- Palm-G, Malarcher-E-P , White-G-DP
TOP 9- Blackwell-G, Santop-K, Pennington-P
BOT 9- Poles-G, Oms-G, Wells-W, Dihigo-G

Chicago 5 – Indianapolis 2

The Chicago Giants bested the Indianapolis ABC’s by a 5 to 2 score at Comiskey Park.

Indianapolis was unable to climb back into it after Chicago went ahead for good in the 5th inning scoring a single run on 2 hits. Chicago ended up with 14 hits for the game while Indianapolis had 9.

John Donaldson(1-0) went 8 innings allowing 2 runs for the victory. Donaldson was helped out by Bill Jefferson who recorded his 1st save. Hilton Smith(0-1) was charged with the loss. He allowed 10 hits and 2 walks in 7 innings.

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TOP 1- Lloyd-L, Johnson-Si, Torriente-Si, Suttles-K, Scales-G
BOT 1- Bell-Si, CS(Bell), Wright-G, Trouppe-F
TOP 2- Johnson-L, Perkins-G, Crutchfield-E-1B, Donaldson-F
BOT 2- Charleston-G, Brown-G, Cannady-Do, Johnson-W, Marcelle-Si, Smith-K
TOP 3- Lloyd-F, Johnson-L, Torriente-FO
BOT 3- Bell-P, Wright-Do, Trouppe-W, Charleston-K, Brown-G
TOP 4- Suttles-Si, Scales-L, PB, Johnson-W, Perkins-G-DP
BOT 4- Cannady-G, Johnson-L, Marcelle-Si, Smith-Si, Bell-F
TOP 5- Crutchfield-Do, Donaldson-K, Lloyd-Si, Johnson-K, Torriente-E-P
BOT 5- Wright-P, Trouppe-F, Charleston-K
TOP 6- Scales-Si, Johnson-Si, Perkins-G, Crutchfield-SF, Donaldson-F
BOT 6- Brown-F, Cannady-F, Johnson-F
TOP 7- Lloyd-Si, Johnson-Si, Torriente-W, Suttles-SF, Scales-Si, Johnson-SF
BOT 7- Marcelle-G, Brown-F, Bell-G
TOP 8- Crutchfield-L, Donaldson-Do, Lloyd-L, Johnson-Do, Torriente-G
BOT 8- Wright-F, Trouppe-W, Charleston-F, Brown-Si, Cannady-Si, Johnson-K
TOP 9- Suttles-G, Scales-L, Johnson-Si, Perkins-Si, Crutchfield-G
BOT 9- Marcelle-E-2B, Jenkins-Si, Bell-W, Wright-Force, Trouppe-FC