Detroit Stars

Manager – Willie Wells

Player WAR Average = 6.3


Smokey Joe Williams – NL All Star Roster – Starter
Nip Winters – NL All Star Roster – Starter
Leon Day – NL All Star Roster – Starter
Flash Bremer – 1942 NL Roster – Starter
Sam Streeter – NL All Star Roster – Bullpen
Dizzy Dismukes – NL All Star Roster – Bullpen
Martin Dihigo – NL All Star Roster – Bullpen
Cannonball Willis – 1934 NL Roster – Bullpen

Position Players

Spot Poles – NL All Star Roster
Jackie Robinson – HOF Roster
Willie Wells – NL All Star Roster
Turkey Stearnes – NL All Star Roster
Martin Dihigo – NL All Star Roster
Red Parnell – NL All Star Roster
Spoony Palm – NL All Star Roster
Newt Joseph – NL All Star Roster
Frog Redus – NL All Star Roster
Dave Malarcher – NL All Star Roster
Frank Duncan – NL All Star Roster
Bingo Demoss – NL All Star Roster
Ben Taylor – NL All Star Roster

Team Preview

Manager – Willie Wells
26 – 30 in the trial season

Additions – Flash Bremer(sp), Canonball Willis(rp), Jackie Robinson(2b, 3b)
Team Strengths – Position depth, roster flexibility, speed
Team Weakness – Struggle against RHP, Pitching


OUTFIELD – Spot Poles, Turkey Stearnes, Red Parnell, Frog Redus, Martin Dihigo. Above average outfield defensively with some speed and power sprinkled in. Plenty of platoon options for Willie Wells.

INFIELD – Jackie Robinson, Willie Wells, Newt Joseph, Dave Malarcher, Bingo Demoss, Ben Taylor, Martin Dihigo. Again, plenty of platoon options for Wells. Well rounded infied with power coming from Wells and Dihigo. Demoss and Taylor superb defensively on the right side of the infield.

CATCHERS – Spoony Palm and Frank Duncan. Duncan provides much better defense but will struggle at the plate. Palm is average defensively but will provide some thump to the lineup.

STARTING PITCHERS – Smokey Joe Williams(R 5R), Nip Winters(L E), Leon Day(R 5R), Flash Bremer(R 1R). Williams struggled early in the trial season and his record, 3-10, reflected it. Winters (10-6) and Day (9-4) carried the Stars at times. Bremer is expected to provide depth and keep the Stars in games.

BULLPEN – Sam Streeter(L 1R), Dizzy Dismukes(R 6R), Martin Dihigo(R 1R), Cannonball Willis(R 1R). Streeter and Dihigo got a little roughed up during the trial season going a combined 3-7 out of the bullpen. Dihigo lost three games by giving up longballs late in the game. Willis gives them more balance and flexibility out of the pen.

The Stars struggle against right handed pitching. Guys like Dihigo, Poles and Palm will have to step up offensively to reverse that trend. Manager Wells has the deepest team in the league, can he lead them to the Championship?

Detroit Stars Season Stats

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