What is the Midwest 6 Negro League?

A custom fantasy all-star negro league played using primarily the 103 player All-Star Negro League roster and computer baseball game from Strat-o-Matic. Six teams, put together after thorough data analysis, playing 90 games each for a total of 270 league games.

The Names – Satch, Josh, Cool Papa, Turkey, Fats, Slim, Boojum, Dobie, Biz, Pop, El Maestro, Mule, Ghost, Needle Nose, Count, Home Run, Candy, El Diablo, Tubby, Flash, Rap, Hooks, Heavy, Bingo, Cannonball, Cyclone, Spot, Frog, Spoony, Superman, Double Duty, Bullet, and Buck all play here.

Gentlemen that played the game for the love of the game. Follow the games, learn about the players, expand your knowledge of a once-forgotten time in American Baseball History.

Midwest 6 Standings

DET157.6827 - 3
HOM1012.4553 - 7
PIT814.3643 - 7
WestWonLostPct.L 10
CAG148.6366 - 4
IND1012.4556 - 4
KCM913.4095 - 5

Yesterday’s Games

Chicago 10 at Homestead 5
Kansas City 2 at Detroit 3
Pittsburgh 9 at Indianapolis 8

Today’s Schedule and Probable Starters

CAG – Frank Wickware (2 – 2, 5.67) at HOM – Garnett Blair (2 -3, 3.68)
KCM – Juan Padron (2 – 2, 6.15) at DET – Leon Day (5 – 0, 1.93)
PIT – Andy Cooper (1 – 3, 4.21) at IND – William Bell (1 – 3, 5.51)


(thru 22 games)

Batting Avg.

.484 – O. Johnson (CAG)
.386 – O. Charleston (IND
.375 – C. Smith (KCM)
.370 – W. Wright (IND)
.367 – C. Torriente (CAG)

Home Runs

9 – W. Wright (IND)
7 – A. Oms (KCM
7 – J. Gibson (CAG)
7 – W. Mays (CAG)
7 – L. Doby (HOM)

Runs Batted In

30 – W. Mays (CAG)
25 – M. Suttles (PIT)
25 – W. Wright (IND)
24 – Others tied with

Current Hit Streak

14 – B. Mackey (KCM)
10 – O. Charleston (IND)
10 – C. Smith (KCM)
9 – S. Bankhead (PIT)
8 – T. Carr (CAG)


5 – L. Day (DET)
4 – J. Donaldson (CAG)
3 – Others tied with


1.93 – L. Day (DET)
3.11 – R. Foster (HOM)
3.55 – D. Brown (CAG)
3.68 – G. Blair (HOM)
4.08 – F. Bremer (DET)


45 – S. Jones (PIT)
40 – H. Smith (IND)
32 – J. Donaldson (CAG)
30 – S. Paige (HOM)
29 – S. Williams (DET)


4 – D. Redding (KCM)
3 – S. Streeter (DET)
3 – M. Dihigo (DET)
2 – Others tied with

Annual Classic Inspires League

Larry Lester’s Black Baseball’s National Showcase has had a major influence on how I set up the league. The book is a treasure trove of information in text and images.

The book excels in its breakdown of each season’s prized East-West All-Star game held in Chicago. Each chapter starts with snippets of what was happening socially, economically, the state of the negro leagues, and other pertinent pieces of information for that year starting in 1933. The focus then shifts to the players involved in that year’s game. The book uses pieces from the actual newspapers from around the country covering the game. Box scores, at times play-by-play, and images from that season.

A lion’s share of the players in the Strat-o-Matic negro league all-star roster is sprinkled throughout the chapters. You can read many books about the negro leagues, but to have a book that shows when the players competed against each other in an actual all-star game lineup is invaluable.

The Midwest Six Negro League takes place in Chicago. All games are played at Comiskey Park with rosters that encompass some of the best negro league players of all times. The league will consist of six teams in two divisions (East, West). Each team will consist of 20 players. Eight pitchers and 12 position players.

I will have daily writeups for each league day. Each write up will include the three games from the day before including box scores.